This  is my new blog. For some reasons, I’ve decided to make a new blog to “accompany” my older blogs.

I choose the name “nakayui” for this blog.


Nakayui (なかゆい) is the leather tie for the shinai, used in kendo. It became the border between monouchi, the front edge of the shinai – representing the sharp edge of the katana sword – and the rest of the blade. If the nakayui is tied too loose, the shinai becomes too weak and nothing more than a bunch of bamboo crap;if it is tied too tight, the shinai becomes too rigid and the tsuru string that ties the whole shinai will be prone to snap off in a short time. Either condition is not preferable. Nakayui must be tied not too loose, not too strong, to achieve the most efficient condition of the shinai.


My current position is like a nakayui right now. If I put too little push to the students I face, they will become easy-going persons without real prowess for their future life. If I put too much pressure, they will break in an instant. Either condition, I do not like. The title “nakayui” reflect my position as a teacher at this moment, methinks.

I hope this first post will be a new start of my future interaction with the vast world I must face before me. To myself. I say “Godspeed”.


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